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Beautiful Big Noses -- Dedicated to the Beauty of a Distinctive Female Profile

Beautiful Big Noses

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Sabrina Impacciatore is a beautiful and talented young Italian actress. She first came to my attention in The Passion of the Christ (2004), in her artful and touching performance playing Veronica, a Jewish woman of ancient Palestine who tries to come to Christ's help on his passage to Golgotha. Despite the grim nature of the story, I immediately noticed how attractive she is: those lips, those eyes -- that nose!

At one point she turns to watch Christ as he continues his journey -- her face in profile filling the screen, her hair pulled back -- and I was struck by the amazing size and beautiful shape of her nose.

Enchanted and curious, I looked into her earlier roles. Hopefully more of her movies will be released on DVD soon, but for now here are some videocaptures from the charming movie The Last Kiss. I'll certainly add images from The Passion when the movie is released on DVD, and will try to track down some of her other Italian movies.