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Beautiful Big Noses -- Dedicated to the Beauty of a Distinctive Female Profile

Beautiful Big Noses

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Laraine Newman totally made Saturday Night Live, but because she did not develop a series of pat regular characters, she had no springboard to stardom from the show once the first cast left. Sad really, as she is extremely talented and also was very, very attractive.

At times she played a coquettish Playboy girl and wore very tight spandex outfits and I remember being completely transfixed by those segments as a teen! And needless to say I adored her big, sexy nose. She has said that as a girl, her nose was the first thing to grow on her face, so her entire appearance was dominated by her very big, strongly shaped nose. She found that very oppressive as a girl, especially because of the casual Jewish anti-semitism she observed amongst the Jewish boys in her schools in Los Angeles. Looking very Jewish was not cool, and Laraine's face was a stereotype of a Jewish girl's, the very thing so many of those Jewish boys were fleeing from. She carried that around with her into her early adult life. But fortunately for us, when she was at her most visible, she did not get a nose job.

Sadly, after SNL ended, she did get her nose reduced. There are different theories as to why she did, but it's strictly rumor mill stuff I won't repeat here. Fortunately for us, there are always images to cherish of her face with her big, lovely nose, which I think was part of what made Laraine sexy and, frankly, what made her Laraine. Despite her smaller nose we still wish her the best -- she made us laugh, and her performances were really exciting! And for many of us who were teenaged boys, she made our pulses go faster.

Here are a few random scans from the SNL days. Wow, just ... wow.